Logical display of dynamic data in 3d HTMl5

I cant reveal my project details here. So I am taking an example of Electrical circuit.

Suppose we have 10 lights at home and there is a centrepoint from where the electricity flows to the lights when switched on. I want to draw a logical view that at a given time, from the centrepoint, to what lights the electricity is flowing.

This representation should be in 3d View. Imagine, I have been provided with a unique symbol for centrepoint and switch.

My thought process towards this is generate a json data from my application and feed this data to HTML5 which can render the json data into 3D representation.

But my query is, the data I have is quiet complex. Say, centrepoint is connected to many subnets and set of lights are connected to each of the subnet and at a given point, what subnet is connected to centrepoint and what lights are getting electricity is connect to the particular subnet. I should show neither the subnet nor the lights which is not getting the electricity (assuming, electricity will flow to subnet when atleast one light is glowing from that subnet)

How can I render this dynamic data in HTML5 in 3d?

Kindly please point me to the example projects in github.com or direct me right tutorial.

If HTML5 is not the right choice, Kindly please direct me to the right technology that I can use to do this?

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