Seeking clarification about asynchronous javascript

I am a beginning javascript programmer. I have been trying to understand asynchronous javascript but I wanted to clear up a couple of things.

I understand that javascript runs in a single thread and that you can use callback functions to make your code asynchronous, but I am confused about what makes a callback function asynchronous or not.

A lot of the async callbacks seem to follow a pattern where a function has as its parameters a certain action and then a callback function which is to execute when that action is complete:

jQuery.get('page.html', function (data) {

What is it specifically that makes the callback in the parameter here execute at a later time? Is it that the get method here is pre-defined as some sort of a special method (because it fetches a file) that if you pass a function as a second parameter, it behaves in a asynchronous manner?

How can you make functions that you would write yourself asynchronous?


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