a.getTime is not a function google chart react

This is my LineChart component. Chart start time and end time changes periodically in its parent component. If there is no change in data then chart should not re-rendered. But Chart re-rendered then give an error “a.getTime is not a function”

var React = require('React');
var ReactDOM = require('ReactDOM');
var {Chart} = require('react-google-charts');
var $= require('jquery');

var LineChart = React.createClass({
    request: function (_this) { 
    $.post("/getChartData/", {_this.sTime, _this.eTime}, function (result) {
        if(result.response_code === -1){
            window.alert("no chart data!");
            rows: result.data,
getInitialState: function() {
    return {    
        rows: [[new Date(0),0]],
componentWillMount: function () {
    var _this = this;   
    this.date = new Date();
    this.eTime = this.date.getTime();
    this.sTime = this.date.getTime() - 10
componentWillReceiveProps: function(nextProps){
    if(this.props.sTime !== nextProps.sTime ){
        this.sTime = nextProps.sTime;
    if(this.props.eTime !== nextProps.eTime ){
        this.eTime = nextProps.eTime;
render: function() {
        return (
                <Chart chartType="LineChart"
module.exports = LineChart;

I used debug point in code. After chart rendered first time, when sTime and eTime changed by its parent component, control goes to componentWillReceiveProps then it calls request method. After the post call control goes to render return method. Then come back to post statement of request method then reach to second statement. At that time it show an error “a.getTime is not a function” where chart is drawn.

Source: stackoverflow-javascript