Protractor: Print off first five <li> entries contained inside <ul> element

I have a <ul> div that contains various <li> entries. I would like, to print off just the first five <li> elements and also would like to print them off individually if possible.

This is the css

<ul class="legend-numbers">

And this how I’m trying to tackle this in my page object file

checkFigures (figures) {
   	var balance = element.all(by.css('ul.legend-numbers> li'));
	var cellTexts = (elm) {
    	return elm.getText().then(function (text) {

I’m not really sure how I only get the first five entries or how I can choose to print off the second <li> element or third <li> element etc. I’ve tried to use indexOf() or .getFirst() but I get errors when I try to do so.

Source: stackoverflow-javascript