Can I call fbq(‘init’) multiple times to use new pixel feature?

I want to use the new Facebook Ads Pixel feature where I can pass through my own information about a viewer when they’re unmatched to the Facebook cookie.

However, I want to do this on a checkout page, which has fields for the user to enter in their name, address etc. They do this after the page has loaded, of course.

I can pull the information from the fields as the customer types, or once the person clicks on the buy button. However, is there going to be a problem running the fbq('init'...) function more than once? I’m assuming that if I don’t include the init function straight away, it won’t work with my standard event tracking (to track a page view etc), so I don’t really want to delay it until they click on the button as I’ll lose that other metric.

Alternatively, I could do this after they’ve provided their information on the next page that they see.

My questions ends up as; is there a problem calling fbq('init'...) more than once on a single page and will it work to send through that extra details about the customer if I do so?

Source: stackoverflow-javascript