Firefox __doPostBack not receiving parameters

I am trying to postback a form from javascript.

i created the following

    function DoSomething() {
        __doPostBack('SomeArg', 'SomeVal');

Which works in chrome but not firefox.
To fix the firefox issues i added the following markup

<input type="submit" id="doAPostBack" name="doAPostBack" onclick="DoSomething();" value="Post" />

and then called it from JS as


Now this actually causes a post back but i fail to receive the response parameters


This is only an issue if the postback is triggered from JS, if i click on the button in the browser window then i get the parameter values as expected.

Whats the correct solution here?

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tabindex -1 not working in firefox

I am testing an application in firefox. When i hit tab it focuses the body of firefox. If i it tab again then the next item in header. now while next item is having focus if i do shift + tab it goes back to body and if i do shift + tab again it comes back to same item. It didnt move focus to address bar and goes in loop between body and next item if i keep pressing shift + tab.

I tried using tabindex: -1 and -moz-user-focus: ignore at body but no luck. I dont get this issue with other browsers.

Any idea how do i fix this issue?

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