Excel HTML working and formatting

I have an html file based on an excel saved as html.
Usually this build a main html file with your filename, and multiple files into filename_files directory, named as “sheet00n.htm” and a tab_file.htm.
The problem is that I have to include the table saved in sheet001.htm in another html file with other parts, and
I could grab my table in sheet00n.htm, but somehow the code is full of stupid formatting that impairs a good viewing (like border-top=none, etc) while when using the main file to view it, it is perfectly ok.
WHat I don’t understand is why these formatting in the row and columns code doesn’t apply when using the main generated excel file and it reads well. I saw there are a lot of meta tags and javascript and so on, but trying to put them into my final file didn’t help.
Do you have an idea of how I could grab the table and make it look good, apart of using regexes for editing table code to make it looks as I want? I would like to know which part of such file I should recycle in addition to the table? headers, js? I tried but failed. What is the proper manner, please?

The reason I have to do that is that I have to merge the htmls from another source with this one, and I can’t paste the data from the html into the excel file so to save it as an html. There are too much lines and excel can’t handle these.

Thanks for your help!

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