Web Worker Creating Garbage

I’m working on a project that utilizes web workers. It seems that the workers are generating quite a bit of extra garbage that has to be collected from the message passing.

I’m sending three things to the worker via post message from the main thread. First is just a number, second is an array with 7 numbers, and 3rd is the date. The firs two are properties of an object as seen below. This is called every 16ms on RAF for about 20 objects. The GC ends up collecting 12MB every 2 seconds or so. I’m wondering if there is a way to do this without creating so much garbage? Thanks for any help!

        //planet num (property of object) is just a number like: 1

        //planetele looks like this (property of an object)
        //[19.22942, 313.4868, 0.04441, 0.7726, 170.5310, 73.9893, 84.3234] 

        //date is just the date object

        //posted to worker like so:

            "planetnum": planet.num,
            "planetele": planet.ele,
            "date": datet

        //the worker.js file uses that information to do calculations 
        //and sends back the planet number, with xyz coordinates. (4 numbers)

        postMessage({data: {planetnum : planetnum, planetpos: planetpos}});

Source: stackoverflow-javascript