Laravel backend not saving to database

I’m uploading files using laravel as backend apirest. When I upload a file in the frontend, its sends a 200 OK status code in the response, but doesnt save it to the database. Something weird that I see its that in the response the data comes empty, and the array of the files comes in the config section of the response.
200 ok response

This is the controller that handles this situation

 public function makeFile(Request $request)
        $fileArray = [];
    if (isset($request->files) && is_array($request->files)) {
        foreach ($request->files as $key => $fileEntity) {
            $file= new File();

            $fileArray[] = $file;
    return response()->json($fileArray);

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Can an HTML <script> fragment on the URL be used for XSS in a purely client side application?

Say I have the following webpage:

    document.write('querystring=' +;

I open it at a URL like this:


In all browsers tried (Chrome 57, Firefox 52 and Safari 10) the result is:


Because angle brackets <> are not valid URL characters they seem to be automatically encoded by the browser.

This leads me to believe that simply rendering the querystring directly on the client using document.write is safe, and not a possible XSS vector. (I realize that there are many other ways in which an app can be vulnerable of course, but let’s stick to the precise case described here.)

My question: Am I correct in my assumption? Is the encoding of unsafe characters in the URL in some way standardized or mandated across all reasonable browsers? Or, is this just a nicety / implementation detail of certain (modern?) clients on which I shouldn’t rely?

Not relevant to the question, but an interesting aside. If I decode the URI first then browser behavior is different: document.write(decodeURI(;. The XSS Auditor in both Chrome and Safari blocks the page, while Firefox shows the alert.

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static webpage change file

I’m making a simple website in GitHub pages. I have a text file in the /docs folder (I can move though) and I want to change it’s content through index.html. I found a lot of back-end solutions but GitHub pages allows static webpages only. Is there a way to do so in static webpage and if so how to do it in javascript?

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Avoid CORS preflight OPTIONS for better performance

Working with a CDN provider and calling static HTML files from CDN like this.

            url : CDNPATH,
            type : "GET",
            contentType : "text/plain; charset=utf-8",
            async : async,
            cache : true,
            processData : false,
            success : function(response, status, xhr) {
                onSuccess(response, status, xhr);

On the homepage of the application, I have 5 static HTML files which fires 5 OPTION calls. As you can imagine, it hurts the performance. I have seen on similar questions that it can be avoided with GET methods and text/plain, which I did as above but it didn’t work.

How can I avoid these preflight OPTIONS methods?

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