Countdown until date with jpeg/svgs

I would love to make/use a javascript which counts down until a certain date.

(example: the 1th of sept)

What should it do?

This script should delete an image jpeg or svg (10px x 10px) daily. So the script should have the amount of days in pictures left.

(example: 29 days left so 29 pictures on the website, tomorrow 28 pictures, day after 27 pictures)

Does anyone know a code that would allow this kind of a “daily update” to happen automatically?
Any help would be very much appreciated!

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How to retrieve boolean value from php to javascript file

is that possible to retrieve Boolean value from php to javascript?

All I want to do is simple: Retrieve Boolean value from php variable $x into js

  1. Should be true when emails are sent

  2. And False when emails are not sent

Then take that Boolean value with javascript print the appropriate message

Complete code of my work can be found here, on my other case I had opened yesterday


if (!$mail->send()) {
   $x = false;

    } else {
     $x = true;

JS Pseudocode


        function (data) {
if(php Boolean variable is true)
      ("$formText").html("Message sent");
else (if php Boolean variableis false) {
      ("$formText").html("Message not sent");
                 } //end function data      
                 );//end done function

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I REALLY need to know how to target keyboard events in the contact form 7 input fields

I am just trying to be able to target keyboard events on contact form 7 but since input fields in contact form 7 are created differently from how they are created in HTML, I have no clue how to target any events or if it is even possible. There also does not seem to be any documentation on this that I can find.

Here is an exmple of what I wish would work:

[text* first-name class:first-name onkeyup=”MyFunction()”]

obviously, this does not work. So what will? Is there a way? Thank you in advance.

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Having trouble targeting a single input among multiple elements with the same class name (jQuery)

I have a page with a list of li elements, each called .section. The page starts with just one section, but the user can add more with a click. Each section has a dropdown called .wip-location and three input fields called .section-number, .section-name, and .section-description. (The -number and -description inputs are irrelevant but I included them here just in case they are causing problems.)

Every time the dropdown is changed, I’d like the selected text to get filled into the .section-name input.

This works the first time (when there is only one .section, .wip-location, and .section-name on the page), but as soon as the user adds more .sections, it appears that Jquery is unable to figure out which element to act upon, and no inputs are filled.


<li class="section">
<label class="col-sm-2 text-sm-right">Section Name</label>