How can I use javascript variable in Jsrender template

I am new to JsRender, Please help me with

I am stuck with one silly issue, I have spent lots of time but can’t find a relavent article for help.

Inside my
I have made a javascript variable and want to use it in my for loop. But I am unable to do so.

{{for Product}}

<p >{{:Name}}</p> <span class="name" id="{{:Id}}"></span> {{:"<scr" + "ipt type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;>"}} var s_name = "{{:Name}}"; alert(s_name); // s_name.render(); {{:"</scr" + "ipt>"}} </div>
{{for Options}} {{for Features}}


<input type="radio" name="WE_WANT_s_name_HERE" id="{{:Id}}" value="{{:Name}}"> </div> </div> </div> </div> {{/for}} {{/for}} {{/for}} //products Source: stackoverflow-javascript