How to get all users from laravel api?

I ma building an admin dashboard for my app with angular as frontend framework and Laravel API as a backend.

I want to manage all registered users from the user’s table. I am using a passport for user authentication and giving token to each user.

What I know is, without the token, I cannot access the individual user. But i need access to all users ,perform [edit,delete] .

Without middleware i can get all registered user [but this is not a secure way in my opinion] Route::get('/users','AuthRegisterController@index')->middleware('auth');

can I get access to all users ? or there are other methods to achieve this?
I need suggestion. what is the appropriate method to get all users [which in normal way can only be accessed when the user is logged in and gives single user information]?

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Laravel 5.3 Slack integration

I need to get access to Slack’s Event API from my Laravel 5.3 application. I have installed vluzrmos’s package from GitHub, but I can’t get it to work properly. I ran through all the steps in the installation, but when I try to do SlackUser::lists() in my Controller I get an error like this: Non-static method VluzrmosSlackApiContractsSlackUser::lists() cannot be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context.

Could you help? Thanks

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