JS continue after multiple .load()-functions done

I’m having a problem with an asynchronous JS function. Well I have a function which inserts elements one by one. This works. But I would like to continue after all .load()-functions are done.

The way I’ve implemented the Deferred() part is obviously wrong but I have no clue how to achieve this.

Note: I have simplified the code for a better clarity.

var d = new jQuery.Deferred();
var i = index;
function loadView() {
    if(i > -1 && i < array.length) {
        if(!jQuery.contains(document.documentElement, $(selector)[0])) {
            /* do stuff here */
            panel.load(myPHPfile, function() {
                if(i < array.length) {

jQuery.when(d).then(function() {
    /* when all elements are insert, do something */

I am thankful for any help!

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