Create Trigger in mysql with call to stored procedure and auto increment of a table

i have a DB with multiple Properties which each has its own DB ID. I have a centralized DB to collect all the data coming from those DB’s.

In order to differentiate the data and not running into duplicate use of an auto increment value, i want to run a trigger before each insert.

This trigger should call a stored procedure to get the respective DB ID and concat this with the auto increment value from the respective table.

I know from Oracle you can concat a stored procedure and sequence. Looking for something like this in mysql.

Below is my trigger which throws an error:

CREATE TRIGGER order_item_sequence 
  IF (NEW.order_item_seq_id IS NULL) THEN
    SET NEW.order_item_seq_id = CONCAT(call my_dbid, NEW.table_id);

New.table_id is my auto increment column in table order_item and call my_dbid is my stored procedure.

I tested the stored procedure, it is fine. The error is not giving me a real fact, just saying syntax is not correct. Maybe I am missing something?

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apex checkbox to pl sql

I’ve added this apex_item.checkbox(1,id,'UNCHECKED') "Select",
to my query to display the checkbox

I need to update the checkboxe selected, so I have to get the value from the checkbox selected and pass them to PL/SQL expression (update x set y where id IN (...))

How can I pass those values to a PL/SQL?

Do I have to store them into a variable session? If yes, how I pass the values to a ITEM (P1_SELECTED)?

Thank you

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