Tao setup – OPcache issue load_comments

I’m currently trying to do a setup on my mac to work with Tao (https://hub.taocloud.org/)

Through the installation process, I’ve been invited to install OPCache extension to improve the compilation process. Doing so, I’m facing weird issue in my php.ini where the following error is returned

PHP INI value 'opcache.load_comments' on your web server has not the expected value but is mandatory. Current value is '' but should be '1'.

my current php.ini setup is the following


I found someone having the same issue on Taocloud forums but he didn’t resolve his issue: https://forum.taocloud.org/discussion/21/php-ini-opcache-load-comments

I’m currently running mac OSX Yosemite with xCode installed and php7.1.1

thank you in advance for any guidance you may provide regarding this issue.

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How my php version is different from my php-fpm version

I have an issue on my php installation on Mac OS:
I’ve updated my php using brew

brew install php71

When I check current version, I can see php 7.1

php -v # show php 7.1.6

But when I check php-fpm version, it still on 5.6

php-fpm -v # show 5.6.30

I think I have 2 versions of php-fpm, and it’s the bad one who is running.. What can I do to remove the bad one?

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Strange bootstrap behavior with Chrome/Sierra

I’m under OSX Sierra, Chrome 57, Bootstrap 3.3.7, Font awesome 4.

The following :

<button type="button" class="btn btn-primary btn-md" data-loading-text="<i class='fa fa-circle-o-notch fa-spin'></i> wait">Go</button>

And the Js part :

$('.btn').on("click", (evt) => {

Does not work correctly. But It works with Safari !?

Any idea or workaround ?

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