providing placeholder values for sql paramters

The Problem:

I am using a framework which at many points provides queries just like this one:

$sql = "select $sArticleTable.* from table_A left join " .
       "$sArticleTable on table_A.objectid=$ " .
       "where table_A.articlenid = $sArticleId " .
       "and $ is not null and " . $object->someMoreSQL() .
       "order by table_A.sort";

As you can see, one table name gets inserted via the $sArticleTable variable. Even though I highly detest this way of writing up an MySQL-statement, there is nothing right now I can do about it.

This way of writing up the statement prevents PHPStorm from recogizing the table name correctly, so no autocomplete suggestions are being shown.

How can I give PHPStorm a placeholder value for the variable $sArticleTable so that it will in turn again provide autocomplete suggestions?

I have tried Database -> User Parameters in the settings, but I do not get prompted to enter a placeholder value.

Also know that could simply replace the variable with the correct table name, adjust the SQL and then reenter the variable. But this seems rather unprofessional, given that I think PHPStorm might provide the solution here.

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Can’t get XDEBUG to send back information: phpstorm+xdebug+ec2-linux

So according to my php.ini and phpstorm(validate debugger configuration on web server) xdebug is perfectly installed and configured and phpstorm is able to receive and send info to xdebug on the remote server. YET, when i add break points and clearly reached those break points, I don’t get any debugger info like variables and their contents. I have no idea what I’m still missing but here is my phpinfo() screenshot:

enter image description here

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