Navigating to optional parameters with React Router

I am trying to make optional sub routes with my React Router but no matter what I search I can’t seem to find a solution that works for me !

I tried every solution mentioned in this answer:
React Router with optional path parameter
– nothing worked.

So I have the following in one file:

  <Provider store={store}>
    <Router history={browserHistory} routes={routes} />
  </Provider> , document.getElementById('app')

and then:

 export default (
   <Router history={browserHistory}>
     <Route path={'/'} component ={ApplicationHomePageContainer}></Route>
     <Route path={'/home'} component ={UserHomePageContainer}></Route>
     <Route path={'/circle(/:path)'} component ={CirclePageContainer}></Route>

I have tried many many different approaches, but whatever I seem to do, the route /circle/whatever never renders anything.
All other work perfectly fine.

I am using React router version 2.8.3, I tried to upgrade to version 3 but that did not solve the issue.

Source: stackoverflow-javascript