Javascript HTML select dropdown

I am trying to get the data from database and display it in select option through drop down menu. I am getting the data correctly in java script page as well. But it is not displaying in the drop down menu of html.

HTML code:

<td>Organization Name:</td>
                <td><select id="orgname" name="Oname" onload="getOrganizationname();">
                          <option selected disabled value=" ">Choose your Organization</option>

                        <!-- <option value="1" >xyz</option>
                        <option value="2">Brocade</option>
                        <option value="3">Citrix</option> --> 

Javascript code: function getOrganizationname() {

        document.getElementById("orgname").innerHTML= data;


onload i am getting this in alert msg(trying to debug) This is info. from database:
<option value="Infosys"></option>
<option value="Akamai"></option>
<option value="Brocade"></option>
<option value="XYZ"></option>
<option value="XYZ1"></option>
<option value="XYZ2"></option>
Appreciate your help in advance.

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