How to load multiple templates with HandlebarJS

I am currently building a small Handlebars.js application. I have no prior experience and as I’m learning as I’m going along, I’ve been running in to a few issues.

My first issue is loading templates.

Currently I have functions like this for every single template I need to load

var populateDocs = function() {
   var srcContent = $( '#docs-template' ).html(),
        contentTemplate = Handlebars.compile( srcContent ),
        htmlContent = contentTemplate( content.getItem( 'docs' ) );

        $( '#docs' ).append( htmlContent );

I am reading templates from a content.json file so once this file is ready, I call multiple functions to populate each template.

    function() {

My question is. Is there a way I can load all these templates without having to call each function for each template?

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Use twig to show product boxes

I’m using the Silex framework combined with twig. And I’m creating a webshop system. Of course, products are on the website. So, I thought it would be easy to create a small template which show the individual products like this:
enter image description here

My twig created template is this one:

{{ name | capitalize }}
{{ type | capitalize }}

€ {{ price }}

But I'm using a class called Product to do things with a product (create, get, update and that sort of stuff). And there's a function to display a product. I'd like to use it like this:

public function showProduct($type, $name, $price){
    return $twig->render('product.twig', [
        'price' => $price,
        'type' => $type,
        'name' => $name,

But of course this does not work since I haven't defined $twig and I'm rendering the complete page using another twig template. How can these problems be fixed?

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how to create a multipage website

This question is maybe made in the past, but I can’t find a reference or a best practice for it. I was researching best ways to get it and I just find php includes or angular web apps etc but not best practices or what it normally developers do to create their websites, I never worked on a developing enviroment so I don’t know what is the best way to create a website just reducing amount of innecesary code, that’s maybe a subjective question, but I’m kind of new on this, I’m trying to create a multipage clothing website, it will have so many pages and I need to know what the best practice to create it… the website have a header and footer wich repeats on every page so I need to reduce code just making modules, but I don’t know how to approach this and I don’t really like to use CMS

in this link: stackoverflow question they just give option but what is actually the best practice for it??

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