JS Ternary functions with multiple conditions?

I have been using a ternary operator in JavaScript to modify the value of an object based on user input. I have the following code, which runs as it should:

var inputOneAns = inputOne == "Yes" ? "517" : "518";

As you can see, I am assigning a numeric string value to inputOneAnswhether a user has inputed “Yes” or “No”. However, there may be a case that a user has not selected a value (as it is not required). If this input was left blank, I would like to assign an empty string “” to inputOneAns. Is there a wayf or me to embed an ternary operator inside of another ternary operator? To help clarify, here is the same function that I want to accompolish with my ternary function but with if else statements?

if (inputOne == "Yes"){
    var inputOneAns = "517"
}else if (inputOne == "No"{
    var inputOneAns = "518"
    var inputOneAns = ""

Is it possible to include multiple expressions into a ternary function? Is there a better way to accomplish what I am looking for? Thanks for the tips in advance.

Source: stackoverflow-javascript